About Us

Founded in 2014 with a vision to change the online sneaker landscape, then dominated by big brand retail giants, we wanted to give trend setting sneaker enthusiasts across the globe seamless access to every desirable brand name in the high-fashion sneaker retail market, flooding them with choice of brands rather than refining them to a choice of one.

Foot World began as a 2-man operation with a small collection of kicks and an intense passion for sneakers. Quickly spotting a hole in the market for niche tastes and exclusive products, our company, based in the UK, began sourcing and satisfying customer requests worldwide, in turn growing our now massive selection of options and never failing to provide a great customer experience. We are renowned for carrying carefully sourced items which are hard to come by, and have evolved into what is now a global retail company, and we’re still growing.

We love when classic designs meet technology, and when the street meets fashion. From Saucony to Y-3, we’ve also become a one-stop destination for all exclusive, rare, premium and limited edition, deadstock sneakers too.